A detailed review of EXANTE’s web trading platform

A detailed review of EXANTE’s web trading platform


As part of our series on broker reviews on various trading platforms, today we review EXANTE’s web trading platform. We will begin this article with an overview of EXANTE as a broker – what it offers and its regulations around the world. Then, we will move onto exploring its web platform, offering readers details on its presentation, customisation ability, and functions and features.

If you are eager to start using the web trading platform or working with EXANTE, this is a must-read.


EXANTE is a leading global brokerage that offers CFD and forex trading. It has over 600,000 financial instruments on offer in over 50 markets, including major exchanges around the world, such as the NYSE, the HKEX, and the LSE. The asset classes offered include forex, stocks and ETFs, metals, options, futures, and bonds. EXANTE started off as a Maltese broker in 2011. Under the leadership of its three co-founders Alexey Kirienko, Anatoly Knyazev, and Gatis Eglitis, the broker soon expanded its geographic footprint. Today, it has offices in Cyprus, London, and Hong Kong.

EXANTE is a well-regulated broker globally and it is compliant with regional financial frameworks and local laws. It is regulated by the MFSA (Malta), the CySEC (Cyprus), the FCA (United Kingdom), and the SFC (Hong Kong). It is also compliant with European Union financial operations requirements as stated in the MiFID-2 framework, and all personal information processing follows GDPR policies on data privacy and protection.

Our review of EXANTE’s web trading platform

In our review of the web platform, we will look at the presentation and customisation of the platform – such as its layout, accessibility, and user-friendliness. We will also look at the functions and features of the platform, its stand-out and unique tools, and compatibility with third-party plugins.

Basic facts about the web platform

Traders can receive free of charge access to the demo mode of the platform when they register with EXANTE for an account. Demo traders can access all the features and instruments offered by EXANTE. However, market data is delayed by 30 minutes or more. Live traders can gain full access to the platform and the broker’s instruments with 100% live data. There is no need to register or subscribe further to use the web trading platform, or to install the trading software.

Presentation and customisation

The EXANTE web trading platform has a clean and sleek look upon first entering it that is soothing to look at. It has a panel of instruments on the left and a clear listing of charts, watchlists, account summary, margin structure, transactions, and trade activity at the top bar. The web terminal allows traders to change currencies on the top right corner, as well as languages. Languages available include, but are not limited to, English, French, Italian, German, traditional and simplified Chinese, and Spanish.

On the right are the Order, Time & Sales, Market Depth, and Exchange panels. These panels can be opened in a new, separate window for more detail. Finally, at the bottom of the terminal is a frame containing the trader’s portfolio details, such as the instruments they have open positions in, the quantity, the average price, the P&L, order margin, and price. This allows for easy tracking of one’s portfolio, while keeping an eye on live charts and margin utilisation in the same window.

Functions and features

Made for professionals by professionals, the EXANTE web trading platform is focused on user-friendliness, functionality, and sophistication. It provides an excellent trading environment for advanced traders who are looking for a comprehensive trading platform with plenty of customisation opportunities. For beginner and intermediate traders, the simple layout of the trading terminal allows all the core features and functions to be found and used easily. This allows traders of all levels to find their happy medium when using the EXANTE web trading platform.

Let’s look at the platform’s functions and features in the form of panels and modules:

  • Instruments
  • Charts
  • Quote Monitor
  • Time & Sales
  • Market Depth
  • Order panel
  • Margin utilisation
  • Current order overview
  • Exchange panel for currency exchange in-account
  • Open positions overview

Unique tool: bond screener

Aside from the panels and modules provided on the platform, EXANTE also offers a unique bond screener tool – which is a bond comparison tool that allows traders to find bonds by filtering them and setting several parameters simultaneously. Traders can find their bond screener under Instruments on the left. In our opinion, this is a great way for bond investors to find a specific bond while having an overview of groups of bonds based on shared characteristics, such as country, status, maturity data, open interest, and bid and ask price ranges.

Integration and compatibility with third-party plugins

EXANTE offers advanced traders the ability to build feature-rich apps with their HTTP API, which can be integrated into their trading experience. For example, a trader can build an app that sends custom alerts and notifications to their devices, or they can utilise an app to track price changes by tapping into the data source. Traders can also participate in algorithmic trading via FIX 4.4 API for secure data transfer, quote retrieval, and full-scale trading automation when executing trades.

How to start trading on EXANTE’s web platform

If this review of the platform has left you wanting to try it out, you can do so easily. The first step you should take is to register for a live or demo account with EXANTE. This will give you your unique credentials to log into the web trading terminal. Once you have created your account, you can visit exante.eu/trade to log in and get started. If you are not interested in trading on web, you can also install EXANTE’s trading software to trade on desktop or download the mobile app to trade while on the go.