Ways For Proper Delegation

Ways For Proper Delegation


If you are leading a group of people, managing all the work and ensuring your company’s quality and timely delivery can be tricky sometimes. Managers and leaders are usually overwhelmed with the work. They have to keep track of the whole team’s activities and keep up with the customers to maintain their company’s status. However, leaders usually delegate work to their employees or team to get the work done more efficiently.

Delegating a team of people is a skill in itself. You can’t just make a list of names and assign tasks without checking compatibility or work deadlines. That will not be efficient and will decrease the work productivity level of your company. You need to know your team, assign each task per their qualifications, and keep track of the time deadlines for the work. Here are three quick tips for delegating to a team of people.

● Choose The Right Person For The Job

Experienced leaders like Kelly Sills Baton Rouge-based entrepreneur, always tend to be very attentive while assigning any jobs to their team. You need to find the level of qualification and skills required for a task in your team.

It is always better to assign people tasks they are most interested in. For instance, if a person loves doing sales-related work, it’s the duty of an excellent leader to delegate maximum sales-related work. Doing so keeps your team happy and active and increases the work productivity level of your company.

● Look At The Bigger Picture

Most new leaders make this mistake while delegating work to a team of people. While assigning work to an employee or a team, always look at the bigger picture and focus on results rather than standing overhead on workers and making sure each and everything is perfect.

You should not be telling employees how to perform tasks or do things; instead, you should show them by doing them yourself. By giving mental freedom, you can expect your team to perform better and, most importantly, without feeling any work burden. The famous saying of Bill Gates further elaborate this point:

● Motivate Your Team

Always make sure to motivate your team while delegating any work. It may feel like a minor thing to do, but your few words and motivation can go a long way. Great leaders like Kelly Sills Baton Rougebased entrepreneur, always make sure to motivate the ones around them. Make sure your team is in the best mood and expect to see exceptional results. Motivating your team ensures consistent deliverance of the work as well as promotes healthy competition within the team.


Delegating to a team of people is one of the significant traits of a good leader. It increases the work productivity of any company or business. By following these three tips, you can delegate to a team of people more efficiently.