To Enjoy the Benefits of Efficient Press Release Distribution, Submit Free PR or Paid

To Enjoy the Benefits of Efficient Press Release Distribution, Submit Free PR or Paid


A public relations tool that has remained in vogue since it was created in October 1906, a press release can have a major contribution to helping brands and people improve their image, recognition, prestige, reputation, reliability, revenues, and visibility. They are one of the most effective and affordable methods adopted by brands to get their news and messages across to investors, stakeholders, journalists and media outlets, and the public. While some companies choose to take care of all their public relations requirements on their own, it is often advisable for newer businesses to take the help of an expert in the field to save time and ensure better results.

While paid press releases have been shown to yield a higher result and ROI, it does not mean that a business will gain nothing if it chooses to submit free PR, as a well-crafted free PR with newsworthy content has an almost equal chance of being picked up by a journalist.

Some of the major benefits that a business can yield by availing of press release distribution for their brand include:

  • Affordable Rates 

Compared to all other promotional strategies available to businesses, a press release is definitely the most cost-effective one, providing clients with a variety of options to choose from, including monthly retainers and “pay as they go” offers. While some companies only deal with distribution, there are also many who offer their writing services at really pocket-friendly rates. For new companies with truly limited budgets, a free press release can turn out to be the best option, if it is crafted following the acceptable format of a press release and has newsworthy content. However, for free press releases, it is important to choose a trustworthy distribution service to ensure it has an actual shot of being picked up by journalists and media services.

  • Sends the Intended Message Across to Target Audience 

When a business communicates with its audience in the form of print or online media, it puts a seal on the relationship that it tries to build with its target audience and establishes the “newsworthiness” of the article. However, the key lies in remaining objective throughout while crafting the press release. It goes a long way in establishing the credibility of the piece of news and prevents it from appearing like an advertisement. When the name of the brand appears on a press release that caters to the interest of the target audience, it has a positive impact on the image and reputation of the brand.

  • Ad-Value

Even though a press release is written from a third-person point of view and deals with facts, it also serves the purpose of advertising the brand indirectly. As it appears in the form of news media, unlike ads that are featured in newspapers, magazines, news sites, and blogs, it not only generates better credibility for the brand but also costs the least among all the other advertising processes.

  • SEO Benefits

Press releases are created taking into consideration the criteria of Search Engine Optimization. This helps the press release appear at a higher position in the SERP, helping the piece gain the maximum possible coverage. When press releases contain the targeted keywords and links, they can change the SEO game and thereby help increase traffic to the website of the company.

  • Brand Building and Trust Building

When a piece of news is featured in newspapers, magazines, news sites, blogs, and social media, it generates a positive impact in the minds of the readers regarding the image and reliability of the brand. It has an even greater impact if the story is covered by a prestigious publication, which in turn goes on to build brand recognition and reputation in the industry and among the general public.

These are among some of the numerous benefits that a business can reap from getting their press release distributed by an eminent distribution company.