CFD as Leveraged Trading: How To Benefit From It

CFD as Leveraged Trading: How To Benefit From It


CFD isn’t famous among traders for nothing. It offers an array of advantages and very few disadvantages. All kinds of traders can join CFD, whether you are a retail trader of hedge funds, CFD trading is  online appointment scheduling accessible in any volume mainly because of its hugely available benefits.


To trade without the need to pay so much on the initial deposit is something that’s considered an advantage given to CFD traders. It is considered as leveraged trading. And since CFDs are being traded on margin, it gives traders the means to borrow funds, amplifying their trading positions. When you trade on the market, the minimum requirement to trade on margin is just 5%, the rest is considered as your loan from the broker. This is not really a typical loan but an automatic transaction that facilitates high gains on trading. The main drawback of leveraged trading is that gains can be taken in a shorter period of time. Whether you use CFD or not depends on your trading strategy.

Tax Efficiency

Since you won’t be owning the underlying asset, traders in CFD are not subjected to tax unlike trading on shares. In the UK, acquiring company shares will hold you liable to pay Stamp Duty together with the Capital Gains Tax. But with CFD, you won’t have to pay for anything except the commissions or spread that you will pay to your broker.


CFDs are flexible instruments and every experienced trader knows this fact for sure. Traders can benefit either from the rise or fall of your transaction. If you see that the market price for your underlying asset that you have will fall, then you can just jump into the sell-side to avoid incurring losses. You can also speculate on a large range of markets in CFD that are considered as highly complicated to trade on directly, such as indices and commodities. CFD is a really helpful tool in managing more complex portfolios.

Low Cost

In CFD, the brokerage fees and commission are much lower compared to share brokers. For positions that are closed down within the trading day, interest charges will not be deducted. This means that short-term traders can highly benefit from trading CFD.


Liquidity is a factor that needs to be considered when trading. You need a market where you can deal with your products and that is also the same with CFD  The wider the availability of the market, the easier you can realize your gains and deliver your returns. What makes the CFD market very liquid is that it lines up with the market of the underlying asset.


Being flexible and liquid, CFD has become the most ideal instrument to be used for hedging. When you hedge a position, it is similar to taking a position in trading with a safety net in case the market takes up an unexpected turn.

No Expiration

Being more flexible, won’t depreciate in price and less restrictive, leveraged trading like CFD is ideal for retail traders who are trying hard to stay in the market and make ends meet.