Foods are the heart of any special day or occasion. Any festival or occasion is incomplete without delicious and yummy food items on the table. Every special day has its own special traditional food items. Everybody craves their favorite food on big days. Whether you go to a birthday party, or a wedding ceremony, or any other occasion your first concern is the food being served there. Foods are the energy of any big occasion. Food items are also especially loved by the children, who are most excited about seeing their favorite food item. They mostly go to parties for the food. Therefore, cuisines are the most mesmerizing and exciting part of any occasion or festival. You can make your person’s special day more special by cooking or treating them to some delicious food items. So what are the yummy food items you can surprise your special person with?


Lasagna is one of the most delicious and festive food items out there. It can be chicken lasagna, veggie lasagna, or shrimp lasagna, whichever you love. None of these will disappoint you. Be it the taste or the look of this dish, lasagna will always fulfill your cravings. This cuisine is loaded with cheese which will make any special day a great one. Creamy sauce, cheese, chicken toppings, and all the garnishing will always fulfill your expectations. Lasagna is the best option to celebrate your partner’s special day. It will make your stomach full and your heart happy. Don’t forget to arrange for online flower delivery and make this day special as well as romantic.  


Chicken adds spice to any occasion or special day. The fragrance of chicken dishes brings smiles to so many faces out there. If you want to make your special person’s day great, having some chicken salsa at dinner is the best way to complete this day. You can cook salsa chicken yourself. It can be cooked easily by following some easy steps. The recipe is easily available online and you can use it to make a delicious cuisine for your loved one. Add some spices, lemon, and chilly and get the awesome taste of this dish. You can eat the salsa along with some nachos or tortillas. Make this great dish for your special person and make their day.


If you want something crispy and fried item in your evening snack or starter, chicken fingers are the best option. You have to marinate it few hours before frying it. Get the recipe online and surprise your loved person with your incredible cooking. This golden, crispy dish is enough to make you crave more. Easy to make and delicious to taste, add chicken fingers to the menu of your small party. Let your loved one look forward to your chicken fingers every year. Don’t forget to send flowers to India from USA for your loved ones on their special day. Make this day a delicious and great one.


You must have heard of this dish various times. This is the time to cook it or order it online and enjoy it with your near and dear ones. This is the creamiest, delicious, and mouth-watering macaroni you will ever taste. If you are a cheese lover, this dish is by far the best option for making your day. You can add some chicken pieces, or veggies to the macaroni, according to your preference. Get the recipe online or you can even order it online. Taking one spoon of this terrific dish will make you want more. Have some mocktail or cold drinks along with the dish and enjoy it with your loved one.


If you are a vegetarian or want something vegetarian to be added to your menu list, a vegetable stuffed spring roll is the best option. You can easily make it at your home and surprise your loved one with your cooking. You have to have vegetables, sauce, different spices, and spring roll sheets to make this delicious cuisine. You can also order it online to save your time. Garnish the spring roll with your creative ideas. Put the dish on the table and see it getting finished in minutes. Make this special day complete and great with your incredible cooking ideas.

These are some of the yummiest cuisines you can have on your special day or your loved one’s special day, and make the day a great one. These are easy to make and are easily available online too. Get these dishes on your table and see the happiness and excitement in your loved one’s eyes. Food is something that will make your day and mood merrier than ever.