14 Heartfelt Rakhi Gifts for Sister Living Abroad

14 Heartfelt Rakhi Gifts for Sister Living Abroad


Raksha Bandhan is an occasion to make an effort to bridge the distance that may have grown over time and to rekindle the connection with our siblings.

 Let’s count on the miles that could somehow be melted with the seasons and make the most of this time to strengthen sibling bonds. Consider these 14 Heartfelt Rakhi Gifts, a perfect way to make your sister who lives abroad feel cherished and remembered.

Exotic Chocolate Hamper:

There’s nothing quite like chocolate to express love. It’s a gift that’s sure to bring a smile to your sister during Raksha Bandhan. The Exotic Chocolate Hamper is a delicious indulgence with velvety textures and exciting twists and crunches of cocoa in every bite. Send this exquisite delicacy that guarantees a delightful celebration.

Dried fruits, Nuts and Berries:

For a gift that’s both delicious and nutritious, send Rakhi to India with our nutrition-rich dried fruits, nuts, and berries. These compact and easy-to-store snacks are not only tasty but also a testament to the harmony between taste and well-being. They are perfect to make Rakhi’s festivity more soothing and flavourful in health.

Pretty Necklace and Lockets:

For a gift that’s as timeless as your bond, consider gifting a pretty necklace or locket with Rakhi. These pieces of tinkles are not just accessories but symbols of love and affection. Whether your sister chooses to add a little spark to a dress or simply make a statement, these gifts will always remind her of your love and the special bond you share, regardless the distance

Scented Candled in Jar:

Not only creating an atmosphere with a combination of soft lampshades, warm table mats, and a pleasant fragrance. Scented candles not only illuminate a room but also add a touch of nostalgia to fond memories, making them a perfect fit for the sacred bond of Raksha Bandhan.

Birthstone Earring:

The tradition of Rakhi is a timeless practice that symbolises eternal love and strength. Birthstone earrings are a perfect example of how these delicate designs tell the story of an individual’s unique identity while also showcasing the legacy behind these cherished jewels by sisters.

Dainty Gorgeous Bracelet Rakhi:

Apart from the traditional lumba rakhi, you can also choose to gift your beloved sister and sister-in-law (Bhabhi) an exquisite chain bracelet, Rakhi. The beautiful and delicate bracelets come embellished with semi-precious colourful stones. Feature in gold plating would add an excellent way to complement their Rakhi Mehendi for this Raksha Bandhan and bring a smile to their faces.

Fitness Smart Watches:

These Smart watches have been a rage in India since 2019. Often equipped with numerous useful features, such as fitness tracking and the ability to sync with smartphones, they make keeping up really hassle-free. TO truly be a heart-winner show love with these fitness watches for Rakhi.

Enchanting Bouquet of Flowers:

Flowers are dainty, and their beauty lies in how vibrant their colours may appear. These living, lush greens wither with time. The spellbound magic of fresh flowers is complimented with sweets, and Rakhi is jubilant for every occasion. When you send Rakhi to USA, consider them as wonderful gifts to give.

Personalised Backpacks/Handbags:

Personalised backpacks have become a fad among women. Handbags are a unique form of self-expression that allows ladies to showcase their identity, interests, and creativity. If your sister splurges on embroidered or beaded bags, it would be the right idea to give her a thrill-surprised backpack so that she can resume her field trips and sports trekking.

Sketch Customised Caricature:

This comical resemblance of caricature drawing customised for your sister as a Rakhi present would be an amusing surprise, given how close you are. Keeping in cheek you both can have a hilarious time in heartfelt idea of sketch for Raksha Bandhan.

Personalised Cushions:

The essence of Raksha Bandhan lies in its simplicity. A simple, thoughtful present such as a personalized cushion can be comforting and cosy. So, making the efforts to a celebration is what makes Rakhi meaningful for your sibling weather it’s a fluffy and LED personalized cushion.

Personalised Photo Frames/Tile:

If you got a sister who enjoys sharing her life story on social media, you can make her Raksha Bandhan count by adding a touch of quirkiness to her album collection. Gift her a tile photo-frame and serve all the good times you spend in making this Rakhi Picture Perfect count in.

Stuffed Animals and Plushies:

People frequently believe that stuffed animals are only for kids, yet many adults own them if you can get them to confess. So a stubby, cute, peachy teddy would be just the antidote to cure those aloof days. You can either buy your sister a solo present or a Rakhi Hamper that looks exclusively arranged.

Personalised Mugs:

Mugs and crockery are still warm gestures. Having your mug that speaks of you is an overused sentimental gesture but still a valid excuse for putting on a smile that can never go wrong.

Conclusion :

In the end, it’s about the effort we put into making that perfect fit of heartfelt Rakhi gifts, which are a token of love and friendship between a brother and a sister.