5 Beauty Benefits of Cannabis That Will Help You Look and Feel Better

5 Beauty Benefits of Cannabis That Will Help You Look and Feel Better


Cannabis tops the charts in natural beauty aid. By ingesting and applying marijuana and its derivatives, you can shield your skin from environmental stresses like sun and pollution and slow down the signs of aging.All skincare products are very costly, and to be honest; they don’t all deliver the same results. There is another way to treat your skin, though, using natural ingredients found in plants. Cannabis is one of these plants; it contains many therapeutic elements that can perform wonders for your skin, hair, and body. Here’s how.

1. Stimulates Hair Growth and Prevents Hair Loss

Good news for your hair! Different studies have shown that cannabis improves blood circulation to the scalp and thus stimulates hair growth. And a study from 2012 has also shown that THC reduces the stress hormone, which is crucial for healthier hair.

Whether you are searching for the best way to grow your natural hair or trying to find a natural approach to treat alopecia or male-pattern baldness, the beauty benefits of cannabis are promising. CBD oil from Elevate Medical & Recreational Cannabis Dispensary LA provides nutrients to your skin, hair, and nails. Cannabinoid acids are essential for healthy hair growth. The hemp seed oil has vitamin E that promotes hair growth, and prevents hair loss. Marijuana products are from natural ingredients that will stimulate your hair growth effectively in a safe way without any side effects.

2. Nourishes The Scalp

Cannabis has helped promotehealthy skin. Cannabis contains terpenes and flavonoids that help to nourish the scalp, leading to stronger hair. Cannabis increases blood flow to the scalp and increases the healing of wounds and other conditions such as dandruff, eczema, and psoriasis.Dispensary LA

THC products from Dispensary LA will help stimulate blood flow, making nutrients more readily available. In addition, the CBD component of marijuana helps to reinforce thin spots in the head’s keratin tissue to strengthen further your thinning hair areas while fighting thinning from dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and stress. It’s also a potent anti-inflammatory that protects the scalp from thinning due to hormonal changes, anxiety, or other causes of hair loss.

3. Has Anti-Ageing Effects

While regular exposure to UV light can cause premature aging and skin damage, cannabis is known for creating the exact opposite effect. Researchers found that the compounds within cannabis, called cannabinoids, can protect against sun exposure and reduce signs of aging. And now, with more and more states legalizing medical marijuana, you too can experience the age-defying, skin-soothing effects of a daily dose of cannabis products by Finding a Dispensary near you that will meet your needs.

Science has proven that cannabis is a natural anti-inflammatory that does not degrade collagen, the primary component of skin tissue. In addition, cannabis contains terpenes and cannabinoids, which have an antibacterial effect, thus enabling your skin to repair itself from within by halting the aging process and protecting you from damaging environmental factors such as air pollution smog, and UV rays.

4. Improves Skin Health

Cannabis can improve your skin health in many ways. At the molecular level, THC binds with receptors inside skin cells which are responsible for regeneration. By regulating these receptors, THC helps the cells recreate faster.

Any way you consume, it will deliver positive effects deep into your skin pores and hair follicles. They can help fight off infections and other bacteria that tend to bring about acne breakouts—the best thing about using cannabis.

5. Cannabis Eases Inflammation

The different types of cannabis offer unique therapeutic qualities, but CBD-rich strains are particularly effective at relieving inflammation and helping certain skin conditions, such as acne. Further, you can use cannabis topically, and its anti-inflammatory properties will help reduce the redness, heat, and pain associated with psoriasis. It is known to treat eczema and is even said to be effective at treating rosacea, thus enhancing your beauty.


The cannabis beauty market is increasing.  Cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant are proven to be effective in treating alopecia, eczema, acne, psoriasis, and fine lines. CBD is non-psychoactive,and it delivers anti-inflammatory effects that may reduce acne spots, redness, and swelling for inflammatory skin diseases. Cannabis is known for its beauty benefits. Cannabis has anti-aging properties and is antibacterial. Cannabis works. We know this because we see the positive effects of cannabis every day!