Explore How You Can Conduct a Domain Check for Your Website

Explore How You Can Conduct a Domain Check for Your Website


Your website should be an anchor of your business or brand. While choosing a domain name, it is essential that customers have easy accessibility to your website. This makes it important that before registering a domain, you have to consider certain things to ensure that the requirements of the visitors or customers are fulfilled. A domain check before and after registering your domain name is essential to ensure complete protection of your website in the long run. Here are some tips to think about before and after you buy a domain name.

Check competitors’ domain name

Before deciding your domain name, it is advisable to check the domain names of the competitors and leaders in the industry. Note any special keywords and domain extension orTLDs they have used. For instance, a client who runs a bicycle shop willhave domain names with variations of keywords such as cycle, bike, and so on. Once you have decided your domain name and extension, you can check the availability of it on the domain name search tool. A good service provider can help you with the search and can suggest good names with a perfect extension.

Convenient to type and remember

Having a web address which is easy to remember and type is very essential to attract more traffic to your website.  The visitor should easily type it when they hear your website name. Avoid using odd spellings, complicated names, multiple hyphens, numbers, and special characters in your website’s name. In addition, your domain name should be easy to pronounce and accessible to “radio test”. A radio test is a common reference in the domain industry, and it denotes how people type the domain name when they hear it.

For example, if you are advertising or talking about your business on air, people should be able to easily write the name when they hear it. Furthermore, if you have to use a common name, it is always advisable to register another subdomain with alternate spelling. This will help the people to identify your website without any confusion.

Do not use the latest and trendy slangs and pop culture

Your business should run for decades. If you use a name that is appealing to the new trends, the audience may find it outdated in the long run. For this reason,select a domain that is catchy and long-lasting.

Prefer shorter web address

With a short domain name, one can easily remember and access it. As there are not many websiteswith one-word domains available online, it will help people to remember you easily.

Avoid using trademark names

Never register your domain using a trademark of an established brand. Using such names to market will result in legal consequences. If possible, check with the Patent and Trademark Office to ensure whether someone hastaken thename that you are after.

Protect and manage your domain

Your domain service provider can help you to protect and mange your domain with proper domain check before and after registering your website. They can help you with the perfect domain manager to:

  • Manage multiple domains
  • Transfer your domain
  • Change domain owners
  • Renew your domain
  • Lock your domains
  • Consolidate your domains
  • Setup email forwarding
  • Connect to any hosting service
  • Setup web forwarding
  • Organize using domain folders
  • Manage your profile
  • Secure with 2-step verification
  • Provide domain security protection
  • Provide domain Privacy

Finally,a proper domain check can protect your website and identity, prevent illegal intrusions and prevent spams.

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