Family Brunch For Our Nonagenarians

Family Brunch For Our Nonagenarians


We have quite a few people in our family that are in their 90s, which is really an exceptional thing. There are 3 sets of aunts and uncles of mine, and my grandparents. Since they’ve been at this stage in life, our family started throwing them a brunch every year to honor them.

We invite pretty much all of our family. Not everyone lives locally, so naturally not everyone can make it, but we typically have a guest list of about 40 people or so. It’s a decent crowd and it requires a lot of prep. Luckily, nearly all of our local family lends a hand with getting ready.

Of course over time, the amount of children in the family has increased, and as they grow, the amount of food that we need also goes up. A couple of years ago, we discovered that the best way to handle this was to prepare as much as we could ahead of time, and that our secret weapon was a food processor.

This last time, I decided that since I was now the only one who didn’t own a food processor, that I would finally purchase one to help out. Based on what most of my family used, it looked like my best bet would be to purchase a Cuisinart Custom 14 Food Processor.

My cousin sent me to Kitchen WorksInc to find a food processor that would be suitable for my needs and what would best work to contribute to our celebration. I ended up choosing the Cuisinart Food Processor. I got it about a month in advance, so that I could try some new recipes out first that I wanted to make for the event.

I got to work as soon as my food processor arrived. The recipes I tried out all came out amazing. I was really surprised that I didn’t have to change anything and things worked out the first time around.

I was beyond prepared when my family and I got together to make everything. My new food processor was a perfect addition to the crew. The rest of my family was super appreciative that I made the leap and got one along with them.

When the day of the actual event arrived, everything went seamlessly. The meal was prepped mostly ahead of time, so all that needed to be done was the actual cooking and serving. The menu was absolute perfection, and I honestly think we really outdid ourselves this time.

It’s such a wonderful event for our entire family, and I think it’s so important that the elders in our lives feel appreciated. I really think that having this occasion for our family on a yearly basis really helps to achieve that. It’s also important for our children to be involved with them and to get a good piece of our family history while they have the opportunity.

One of the best parts is that since the meal is already set to go, we get to spend the majority of the day actually spending the time together rather than working. I think that’s something that we can all appreciate. I’m thankful to have this opportunity and to be able to be a part of something that is so nice. It’s only possible because of the Cuisinart food processor.