Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania Discusses How to Perfectly Crack Eggs

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania Discusses How to Perfectly Crack Eggs


Eggs are a versatile food item that can be purchased from Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania  and cooked in a number of ways. There are a range of recipes that come out to be pretty good, if cooked in a proper manner. However, it is a fact that one crucial task required to be done while cooking eggs is to crack them open. Cracking eggs is not always as easy as it seems.

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania mentions a few pointers that can help in perfectly cracking eggs

Be it for making an omelette or baking a cake, the eggs require to be cracked with quite the skill. This is important because otherwise the entire cooking area would be messed up with the scattered pieces of eggs that will cause the cook to be cleaning up rather than cooking. However, there are a number of techniques that can be taken up so as to crack an egg as perfectly as possible. A few among them are as follows:

1. One must simply start with the fresh eggs

It is always better to use fresh eggs from companies like Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania for cooking. They can usully be cracked open without causing much fatigue to the cook.

2. Using flat surfaces while cracking eggs open

 It is a usual practice among people to crack eggs in the edges of bowls or surfaces. But this only allows the pieces to go astray, making it messy for the cook to proceed with the recipe henceforth. Thus, flat surfaces are ideal for this purpose. This prevents stray pieces from scattering across the cooking area.

3. Taking up separate bowls for cracking eggs

 It is always advisable to take a different bowl for cracking the eggs so as to avoid pieces of egg-shells or bad eggs to be ruining the entire recipe that is being made. This is how the cook might save the recipe from being fouled by eggs because of a technically wrong step.

4. Crack eggs gently instead

 It is always advisable to crack the eggs gently rather than making some too-hard attempts on them. The latter does not really help the cook in any way, instead messes up the egg and smudges the yolk. To avoid this kind of a mess, one must always remember to hit the egg just as hard as required to make a crack on it. Nothing more is required.

5. Make use of a paper towel while cleaning up

It is obvious to get an egg-shell or two in the egg even after cracking it with all the skill and accuracy. This might irritate the eater up to the brim and this isn’t desirable. Thus, one must make use of a paper towel to clean up things and serve egg items without a flaw. This saves the boat for the cook bigtime.

Cracking eggs has always been crucial although the fact remains that the more the practice, the more accuracy one gets. Thus, it is quite necessary for beginners to learn and practice cracking eggs as they require to be. Experienced cooks however need to follow the above-mentioned points to get the eggs cracked in a perfect manner each time.