How to Choose the Right Disinfection Service for Your Needs?

How to Choose the Right Disinfection Service for Your Needs?


Commercial disinfectants are just the ultimate solution to kill all the illness-causing bacteria and germs on the surfaces of your premises. Having the right chemical disinfectant ensures your facility is clean and safe.

But here’s the catch; many commercial disinfectants offer disinfection services, and it can be challenging to choose one equal to the task.

Not all services follow the same approach. The point is that choosing your disinfection services wisely can mean a huge difference as to whether your service will be a success or a failure.

To help you choose the best disinfection service from a pool of many, we’ve proposed these five critical factors to guide your decision. Let’s get into business.

Consider the Cost

The cost of buying chemicals and materials for disinfection is an essential factor to keep in mind. The cost may not only vary based on how the product is packed but also the ingredients present.

Before deciding on the type of disinfection work to take home, ensure you choose an affordable one that will give you nothing but satisfying results.

Staff & Occupant Safety Concerns

Before hiring a disinfection company for your premises, you must have a clear-cut understanding of how safe it is for your staff, guests, or house occupants.

Typically, every disinfection service involves a lot of health risks. It consists of the use of chemicals; where some are toxic and harsher health-wise.

When choosing a disinfection chemical for your facility, consider the safety of people in your surroundings.

It’s said that prevention is better than cure, and some of the active ingredients used in chemical disinfection cause respiratory and skin irritation when poorly used. Therefore, use personal protection equipment (PPE) to ensure safety.

Chemical Compatibility with Surfaces or Other Materials

As you may be aware, some chemical disinfectants come with toxic chemicals that can damage your surface. For instance, harsh chemical disinfectant has negative impacts on your surfaces.

When shopping for chemical disinfectants, remember that toxic chemicals are prone to cause damages like corrosion, rusting, staining, dissolving, etc. The cost of replacing or repairing the damaged surfaces is very high.

However, these damages aren’t permanent as you may think. To overcome them, ensure you choose suitable chemical disinfectants for your surface.

Kill Claims

Before choosing a disinfectant chemical, killing claims should become a primary factor. Bacteria, spores, pathogens, and viruses are just a few disinfectants you need to kill on your surface.

Bacteria and germs that each chemical intends to kill vary based on the active dwell time, ingredient, etc. Kill claims are a consideration factor, especially when shopping for disinfection services.

Dwell Time

Dwelling time is when any disinfectant remains wet on a surface to effectively kill bacteria, germs, pathogens, etc.

Understanding the chemical dwell time is important because some disinfectants may kill germs at different intervals.

Some can kill germs within30 seconds, while others can do the same in 5 minutes. If you’re disinfecting high-traffic areas, you should opt for a product with the shortest dwell time.