How to find keywords for amazon products?

How to find keywords for amazon products?


Here are some broad suggestions for choosing an Amazon product to sell. To know more you can visit the below link:

The following are the key characteristics of a high-volume selling product:

1. Price range for impulse purchases

As a beginning, you should seek for things that cost between $50 and $100. To begin with, the initial cost of manufacturing and distributing such products is significantly cheaper. Furthermore, customers are unlikely to undertake much comparison shopping before purchasing a low-cost item, or to consult with their spouse, as contrasted to a higher-cost item.

2. It is compact and light.

Choose things that aren’t too heavy or slow to move. This will allow you to save money on shipping and avoid the hidden expenses associated with FBA. For processing larger items, Amazon charges a higher fee. There is also a cost for long-term storage of slow-moving items, which you should avoid.

3. The number of bestsellers (BSR)

Go to Amazon’s best seller’s page to identify a product that sells frequently. It might offer you an idea of how popular this particular product is on the market. If you’re just starting out, look for things with a BSR of 5000 or less. Check the Product Details section of the description for the actual BSR of a product. The first number, which represents the product’s rating in the major category, receives the most attention. It’s “Kitchen & Dining” in the screenshot below.

Choosing products that are already well-liked by clients is a terrific approach to get a head start. As a newbie, avoid chasing products with a BSR of less than 1000 because they will almost certainly be inhabited by more experienced sellers with excellent ratings.

4. Consistent demand

It is best to avoid selling seasonal products for novices in general. The holiday season is a very competitive time, with many merchants vying for a piece of the pie. If you don’t sell your inventory during this time, you risk being left with undesirable things for the rest of the year. Look for things that have a steady stream of sales throughout the year.

Final thoughts

Seasonal products, it goes without saying, is not profitable and should be avoided at all costs. Investing solely in seasonal items, to be precise, can be counterproductive. Once again, you must locate something that works for you and attempt to calculate all possible possibilities. The Inventory Manager allows you to swiftly manage your products while also predicting market trends for each one utilising data. It also uses artificial intelligence to advise stocking levels, reorder dates, and reorder quantities. Jungle Scout also offers real-time profit analyses as well as brand extension tools to assist you locate new products that fit your brand.

On the Marketplace, there are literally millions of products for sale. While it may appear intimidating, there is a lot of competition there, which is a good thing. Product research tools can use the million sellers and products as data points. That means you may get near-instant information about the finest products in your sector if you use the correct tool. It also means you can “spy” on your competition, keeping track of their SEO methods and how well their products sell.