How to Find the Perfect Formal Wedding Invitation Set

How to Find the Perfect Formal Wedding Invitation Set


Invitations announce that you are getting married and introduce your guests to the celebrations to come. Using this practical guide, you can select the wedding missives that will include all your wedding details.

Planning a wedding is incomplete without formal wedding invitation set. So what’s the point? Your printed or digital design serves to provide precise details of your wedding link, such as the date, time, and location of the ceremony and reception.

Here’s everything you need to make the right choice about your wedding invitations;

Here we go!

  1. Picking a style, concept, or theme for your wedding
  2. Decide what your budget is
  3. Are invitations sent online or via mail?
  4. Planning a wedding invitation
  5. Invitations to the event

1.Choosing a style, concept, or theme for your wedding

As the couple plans their wedding, one of the first decisions they need to make is finding the style, concept, or theme of the bridal link. It serves as the foundation for everything that follows: Decorating, type of flowers, souvenirs, and invitations, of course. As well as assisting you with this point, these steps will help you identify the theme of your invitations.

A style choice for a wedding will be a defining factor of the celebration.

2. Decide on your budget

In order to plan a successful wedding, it is imperative to establish how much they can and want to spend in each area. Your budget can help you manage your expenses, so don’t forget to set aside a certain amount for your wedding invitations. Alternatively, you can estimate the costs based on the approximate prices shared by the providers in our directory. It is common for invitations to cost approximately 30 to 100 pesos, but that may increase to 150 pesos or more depending on the delivery time, design, material, quality, and the number of invitations.

3. Are invitations sent online or via mail?

It is time to decide the invitation format for the celebration, considering the style and the budget determined. Bridal couple’s desire to summon their loved ones in less time and with more versatile and dynamic designs has resulted in people choosing online wedding invitations. Those who care about the environment love to send out this type of invitation.

Couples who prefer a traditional wedding invitation opt for it.In regards to costs, the letters are usually more expensive to print. Digital invitations will usually cost less, but the price will depend on the number of multimedia elements your design has.

 4.Making wedding invitations

Be aware of the types of decorations before you choose the right one for your celebration.We have listed the different types of wedding invitations according to the nature of the celebration, the characteristics of the card, and the season. Take a look!

Based on the wedding style

You should elegantly invite your guests to your wedding. A wedding invitation should be elegant, without being overly formal, so that it fits a variety of wedding styles, no matter if the event is night, day, or classic or minimalist. To achieve the desired effect, select neutral tones and combine them with most discreet vibrant accents and delicate figures as well as soft textures. It is a perfect idea to add sparkles if the wedding is glamorous, too.

Traditional wedding invitations.

They are among the most traditional and never go out of style. Designs of this type are typically sober and discrete, with appealing white tones and fonts with relief that stand out.

Wedding invitations that are themed.

These are the most original and authentic, as they reflect the personality of the couple.Films, TV series, books, hobbies, a decade, a trip, a profession … there’s no end to the list.

 5.  Presenting the invitations

In the case of a themed event, the invitations have been decided whether to be printed, digital or both and they have also decided on the type of wedding invitations. Now, it is time to work on the design, specifically the art, the graphic elements, the font, the paper and the presentation.

It’s time! Hopefully, after reading this guide they are clear on all their doubts and are ready to share with their designer or supplier the details of their invitations. Take note of the articles on the portal dedicated to this topic for inspiration.