How to Keep a Moving Truck Secure

How to Keep a Moving Truck Secure


A home burglary can be disastrous at the best of times. Except perhaps your bank account, your house is the one place where thieves stand to gain the most loot from a break-in. Everybody knows this of course, which is why home security has been a serious concern for a long time and why home security technology is constantly evolving. However, sometimes the contents of your home are not in your home at all – they are in a truck, on the open road, and often parked in a public space for the evenings. This is the situation that presents itself whenever you are moving house, especially if you are traveling out of state to the new property.

Moving trucks loaded with the most valuable possessions a person owns are certainly common targets for thieves. It certainly isn’t feasible for a truck to be as well guarded as a modern home with all the latest security technology. Accordingly, you need to take extra precautions. Rollercam, a company specializing in cam-lock straps and with extensive expertise in the application of their products in home moves, say that even a relatively short journey can involve the kind of pit stops that are all the thief needs to make the score of the year.

Moving Truck Security

Therefore, ensuring that the move to your new home is as secure as possible is a matter of good habits, diligence, and watchfulness. This is not to say that you cannot fit a moving truck with useful anti-theft security technology. Solid locks that reveal when they have been tampered with, onboard alarms, and securely tied down cargo can all help make the thief’s job harder. Hence, it is worth investigating what technology can do for you as well.

Tips for Moving Truck Safety

Nevertheless, admitting that your moving truck is hardly likely to be as secure as bank vehicle or a high value delivery van, it is important to learn what you can do to keep your precious cargo safe when it is between A and B. Here follow some useful tips:

Invest in a Cut and Tamper Resistant Lock

The thing about road thieves is that they very often come prepared, and a set of bolt cutters are one of the most basic weapons in their arsenal. Think of storage units and other high value locations – that’s the type of lock you want.

Park in Well-Lit Areas and Close to Cameras

This tip is pretty self-explanatory and makes a degree of intuitive – even obvious – sense. Nonetheless, if the journey your moving truck has ahead of it is long enough, you will need to plan such pit stops into your route. If you park for the evening in a rural area after you’re too tired to go any further, then you could find yourself out of luck.

Back Up Against a Wall

You should take pains to do this in all cases, but whenever there isn’t any close-by cameras or lights, this tip can give you a much-needed extra layer of security. When backed up against a wall, thieves will actually have to move the vehicle in order to gain entry. This is difficult to do without attracting attention.

Insure Your Cargo

This tip isn’t actually about moving truck security, but more covering yourself in case the worst happens. Many renter and homeowner insurance policies will cover possessions while in transit. It is well worth investing in such a policy.

Alone on the open road and filled with valuables, there is no denying that your moving truck will benefit from every security measure you could take.

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