Replacing the Cabin Filter

Replacing the Cabin Filter


The cabin filter element is designed to clean the air from dust, gasses, pollen of plants and other contaminants. On this part, the movement comfort for the car owner and passengers depends. Therefore, periodically replacing the cabin filter is a mandatory service included in the scheduled maintenance: such a process should be repeated out every 10,000 km and even more in the summer.

When is it time to change the filter? 

The wearing of the filter not only depends on the number of kilometres travelled but also on the car’s operating conditions. If you are used to travelling a dusty country road, or constantly find yourself stuck in the city traffic jams, the filter has to be changed more often. It is worth contacting a car service centre in Hyderabad if the following unpleasant signs appear:

  1. The windows fog up quickly inside the cabin on a regular basis. Such an occurrence indicates a malfunction of the ventilation system, and replacement of the cabin filter becomes necessary as soon as possible.
  2. When the dust starts to get constantly accumulated on the panel, and when standing in a traffic jam in a car, it gets uncomfortable to breathe due to exhaust gases. These instances suggest that the filter can no longer complete its job and needs to be replaced on an urgent basis.
  3. The appearance of unpleasant odour. This is especially necessary for cars with climate control features: a faulty filter leads to the creation of mould and mildew.
  4. With intensive use of the car, dust filters quickly lose their protective properties. The best solution is to contact a car wash at doorstep in Hyderabad, and their staff will clean the car as well as their mechanic will restore the ventilation system to work.

How long does it take to change the cabin filter 

As a rule, the manufacturer sets the service life for his products, but it’s the responsibility of the car owner to determine when it is time to replace the element. Generally, the cabin filter needs to be replaced after every 15 thousand kilometres. However, some car owners change it depending on the time of use, not mileage. For example, once a year. Even if you have recently replaced your cabin filter, and it isn’t easy to breathe in the cabin, carbon monoxide is felt. You need to replace it with a new one. Probably it is not installed perfectly.

Where the cabin filter can be located

While changing the filter for the first time, all drivers usually look for where it is installed. The location of the cabin filter can be in:

  1. A dedicated plastic compartment under the hood.
  2. Under the hood, under the windshield on the right or left.
  3. Behind the dashboard, inside the car.
  4. Behind the glove compartment, in the passenger compartment.

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