Signs That You Need A B2B Order Management System

Signs That You Need A B2B Order Management System


It is delightful to see steady growth of your business, but it is also crucial to keep your system up to date with the latest technologies and systems to hold that growth. A lot of organizations face issues and get themselves unsure about the handling of the business coming their way. The increasing orders also increase the workload, which means that your organization now needs new methods to manage such significant traffic. So, on this point, you need to step back and need to develop something to handle such massive traffic and orders. B2B order management software is something you need to add to your business.

A B2B order management system is system software that assists you in managing the lifecycle of the orders automatically. It can integrate multi functions in a single platform, from fulfilling orders to shipping, tracking, and inventory management. It allows the admin department to track and monitor the orders from picking to delivering at the doorstep. The emergence of B2B order management software has made many organizations’ supply chain development processes more convenient. At the same time, trading in the B2B model, transportation, storage, and several goods will become very complicated without the support of good inventory management software for wholesale.

Indications You Need B2B Order Management System

Insufficient Resources

When a business expands, the workload also expands, and frequently businesses lack the people to handle the growth. Hiring more employees would be expensive and time-consuming, and adding buffer workers would also be pricey. It is far less expensive and almost pays for itself right away to have a system that can handle the newly increased orders and assign them intelligently.

For Example: If you hire a resource, you must have to pay them compensation and various allowances monthly and still, you have a fear of human error. In contrast, integrating automatic software will cut expenses and provide accurate work.

Incorrect Accounting Records

Your accounting system will be among the first areas where issues arise when your ordering volume increases. A person entering data manually is prone to errors, given the volume of data coming in. It should be much simpler with a system that automates the accounting inputs. Not only would an order management system accomplish that, but it would also release any tension, allowing you to utilize your team more effectively.

For Example, Suppose your organization has a capacity of 100 orders per day, and suddenly you start receiving 500 orders per day; in such conditions, there will be a possibility of skipping some orders. So having a B2B Order Management System can be a boon for your organization in such a scenario.

Disgruntled Customers

You will eventually annoy your clients in some way due to a complicated ordering system and issues that are occurring in several areas. Orders that are delayed or even issues with orders that you have previously processed could. Customers would frequently complain to you about how well you met their demands. A good  B2B order management system would automate a large portion of the ordering process, ensure that every order is precisely taken, and allow customers to track the status of their orders. Additionally, it would give you more time to focus on completing orders and ensuring customers are happy.

Inefficient Order Management

Many organization is trying to get multiple approaches to revenue to stay competitive and afloat. However, dealing with the different sales streams might be a massive problem for your employees if they are unfamiliar with handling such pressure. You can integrate your existing system with the inventory management software for wholesale to ensure no one fails to fulfill their task efficiently. This software automatically categorizes and manages the orders from your warehouse and processes them seamlessly and smoothly within their respective domains. You can also keep track of the orders coming 24×7.

Improper Inventory Management

Although you might receive many orders, you must also ensure that your stock is always at the proper level. Keeping enough stock on hand to fulfill orders—neither more nor less—may be the most effective strategy and can result in the most significant degree of profitability. You can ensure that your stock levels are always at their ideal levels thanks to the ongoing information that a smart B2B order management software gives you.

For example: If any of the product in inventory go out of stock, the system would automatically show that item as unavailable before any customer place their order

How Can B2B Order Management Software Help Your Business?

The huge growth of B2B e-commerce has made bulk orders a significant issue for many companies, especially new ones. The development of B2B order management software was a terrific way to address the problems that organizations have. Here are four advantages that this program offers businesses.

Easy Multi-Channel Management

B2B Order Management System enables you to more effectively and rapidly implement cross-platform sales strategies more. It can help you with inventories, and customer confirmation details, save and enter orders in the database & schedule product shipment. Managing large orders can be tremendous if you operate through a multi-platform. Depending on your preferences, a B2B Order management system can make it seamless for you to simultaneously make sales through the different channels.

More storage, security, and capacity through cloud storage

A crucial component of modern order management systems is cloud technology. Compared to traditional papers, they make it considerably faster and more convenient for users to save and deliver files to partners and departments. Many organizations already use cloud storage technology for corporate management and operation, according to the most recent Techjury figures. This benefits the environment and saves the company a significant sum on printing costs.

Meet Customers Need

Understanding consumer needs is a crucial component of a company, whether B2B or B2C. Making long-term partners is essential in B2B transactions. Additionally, B2B order management software that enables you to customize your order metrics may meet client demands. Further, you can modify the order to match the specific requirements of every B2B company. This will enable you to stand out from the competition and persuade customers to choose your company’s order management system over your rivals.


Many businesses are still confused about whether they want inventory management software for wholesale companies or not. If yes, they further feel confused about which function they require in B2B order management software. So to pick up convenient features and software, organizations must identify the business requirement and unique features of the industry you will provide to your customer. It is crucial to prioritize the core features that could assist you in your organization’s workflow if you want to avoid spending too much money and updating the system’s features continuously.