Unique Ruby Engagement Ring Designs: Breaking Away from Tradition

Unique Ruby Engagement Ring Designs: Breaking Away from Tradition


Nowadays, rubies are increasingly associated with engagement rings. They have a rich symbolic history that includes love, bravery, passion, and protection. A ruby engagement ring is a truly royal choice as rubies are about as valuable as they get, and they were originally the stones of ancient kings and queens. Who wouldn’t want to feel like royalty when they gaze down at their hand in engagement?

Ruby engagement rings are totally compatible with the unique ring designs that modern women are drawn to, from unique designs to cutting-edge shapes and, of course, gemstones. The latest unique ruby engagement ring designs from Al Joher is are breaking away from tradition and bringing royalty with a touch of modernity.

Ruby’s Four C’s

The four characteristics of a ruby engagement ring are its carat, cut, clarity, and color. Have a closer look at each of these crucial elements:

  • Carat Weight

Ruby engagement rings can weigh anywhere from a few carats to many carats. The ruby’s size will vary depending on the wearer’s preferences.

  • Clarity

When selecting a ruby engagement ring, clarity is another important consideration. Selecting a ruby that is as clear as possible is important because they might vary in clarity. A ruby’s value increases with its clarity.

  • Cut

The ruby’s cut is also important. It has to be cut to highlight its inherent beauty. It is advisable to take the time to select a cut you adore, as there are numerous options.

  • Color

And last, when selecting a ruby engagement ring, color is highly important. Ruby colors range from rich red to delicate pink. You can select a color that you love to wear.

Unique Ruby Engagement Ring Designs

At Al Joheryou can find modern engagement ring designs which a mixture of traditional designs:

  • Modern vintage setting Ruby

With a bright red ruby set against rose gold, ruby ring has a lovely modern vintage setting. Its unique, kite-shaped halo adds a distinctive touch that enhances the center stone by combining brilliance from the round diamonds with geometric lines from the baguettes.

  • Pear-Cut Ruby Solitaire

This design engagement ring’s splendor would definitely captivate your companion! This magnificent ring features a prong set of pear-cut ruby that is highlighted by flanking moissanites.

  • Engagement Ring with Floral design

Present this ruby flower engagement ring as a symbol of your love life’s budding flower. The brilliant round-cut dazzling ruby sparkles as it sits elegantly on a claw setting. The ruby is brilliantly captivated by the sparkling diamond halo, and the marquise diamond leaf on either side adds to the ring’s overall brilliance.

  • Ring with Octagon Cut

Octagon cut ruby is a gorgeous engagement ring for your significant other. Added a touch of charm with an octagon-cut ruby and three round diamonds that are flaking on the ring. It is, without a doubt, her ideal ring design!

  • Bypass Engagement Ring

Your queen is receiving your heart. So, it can only be spectacular. With its extra touch of elegance and tenderness, the Ruby Bypass Engagement Ring will elevate your special occasion.

Final thoughts

Ruby engagement ring from Al Joher rings symbolize pure, unconditional love. The gem has significant symbolic meaning and is also quite durable, and you can use it to express your commitment and romance during your engagement. It is not only suitable for special occasions but also for daily wear.