Vastu Complaint Paintings for Office from Bimba

Vastu Complaint Paintings for Office from Bimba


When your office is not doing well and you don’t understand why, or if you have recently been relocated and you feel like something just isn’t right with the new office, it may be time to consider the importance of Vastu Shastra in your workspace. Vastu Shastra is the ancient Indian art of placement and arrangement of elements, specifically where interior design meets landscaping.

Changing interior elements as per Vastu guidelines can make a huge difference in the aura of your office. And, one of the simplest things that one can do to make office environment positive is changing the décor- hanging Vastu complaint paintings on the walls.

This blog post is all about the best Vastu compliant paintings from the house of The Bimba, an online art-selling platform in India. You can buy paintings online from their Vastu painting collection for the desired effect and feel in the office. Keep reading to explore more…

About Bimba

Bimba is one of the online platforms that deal in exquisite artworks from local as well as famous artists from all over the world. It came into existence in the year 2020 and since then it’s aiming to curb the distance between artists and art-lovers by making the best art pieces available online at the best prices.

Vastu Shastra artwork is one of their core collections that attract people a lot. Today, you will explore their best pieces of Vastu Compliant paintings for offices.

Features of Vastu Complaint Paintings

The Vastu Complaint Paintings are the art pieces that induce positivity and nullify all the negativity from your space. These paintings primarily depict the five elements of nature, including water, earth, fire, air, and space. Each of these elements outputs certain qualities and inspires everyone to be a positive personality in their life. You must buy paintings online from Vastu collection of Bimba to alter the office vibes in seconds!

Best Vastu Complaint Paintings for Office from Bimba

Here are some of the best Vastu Complaint Paintings for your office from the collection of The Bimba.

1. Seven Running Horses Paintings

Seven Running Horses is a portrait of a group of horses who are running with great speed on sandy ground in hot summer. There is an intense expression of pain on their faces and they look very determined and enthusiastic to reach somewhere by putting in all their energy. The mane and tail of these horses are fluttering while they run and hence these look more alive. This Vastu painting depicts that sometimes, we have to do something very hard to gain something valuable, as it looks like these horses are trying hard to win something big. This is an inspiring artwork for all your employees and will definitely bring good effects in your office.

2. Landscape Paintings

As earth, fire, space, water, and air are the main components of Vastu Shastra, landscape paintings are the true and best choice when it comes to buying Vastu paintings online. The nature or landscape paintings depict these Vastu elements beautifully in different scenes such as mountainous scenes, green landscapes, rural scenery, etc. These landscapes will motivate your staff to be hardworking and supportive in all ways for others and become an asset for your office as well as themselves.

3. Buddha Paintings

Another amazing Vastu Complaint painting offered by The Bimba is Buddha paintings. These paintings depict divine Lord Buddha in different poses. They represent serenity and inner peace that is much needed in any office space. Such painting will keep your employees in a happy mood always and let them work with high spirits and positivity to achieve their daily targets. Hang it in the north-east direction for the best Vastu effects.

4. Floral Paintings

Everyone loves flowers and likes to keep them around themselves in different ways. Some people like to keep real flowers inside their home or office while others prefer floral paintings and art pieces for a long-term effect. Being an office owner, you also want to keep your office space pleasant and positive; a floral painting is exactly what you need to invest in. You can get different floral paintings for your reception space, personal cabins, and employees’ workspace.

5. Ganesha Paintings

Last but not least, The Bimba’s Vastu painting collection includes auspicious Ganesha’s paintings. Lord Ganesha is a symbol of strength, wisdom, harmony, and loyalty. And, these are all the qualities you expect from your employees. Moreover, this particular Vastu painting has power to eradicate all the negative vibes from your professional space.


Now you have so many options for Vastu Compliant paintings for your office. So, wait no more and buy these paintings online from The Bimba at reasonable cost and enjoy good vibes while working in the office.

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