9 Small indoor potted plants for your new apartment

9 Small indoor potted plants for your new apartment


Houseplants are a tried-and-true way to add brilliant colour and bring nature into your house. Plants are also an excellent way to clean the air in your home.

Philodendrons and majesty palms, both large and gorgeous, are ideal for completing any area and filling in empty corners and walls. Huge plants, on the other hand, aren’t usually the ideal choice for small flats or homes with limited space. Thankfully, there are a variety of little indoor plants to choose from that may help provide a bit of green to your space without taking up too much space.

Succulents and air plants, for example, are ideal for adding greenery to your desk or nightstand. Peace lilies and other slightly larger plants can take up some floor space, but their lush leaves and large roots won’t overpower any area of the room.

Most little potted plants have the advantage of being able to fit practically anywhere in your home. You can even use your imagination! Consider placing some adorable plants in unusual areas, such as beside your bathroom window, in a hanging planter, or even on your wall with a space-saving vertical wall garden!

To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite little indoor plants online , along with some styling advice. Check them out and discover which ones you can use in your own home.

1. Aloevera plant-

Aloe vera plants belong to the succulent family, didn’t you know? They adore the sun, just like their cousins, and prefer their soil to be absolutely dry between waterings. If you have a slight burn, such as a sunburn, keep these small potted plants on hand. See what other plants you should have around your house by looking at our list of medicinal plants.

2. Air plant-

Air plants are unique in that they do not require soil to survive. If you want a little plant but don’t want to mess with pots or soil, they are ideal. If you want to keep your air plant in a terrarium, make sure it has an aperture so it can get enough air.

3. Anthurium

Anthuriums in smaller sizes are ideal for bringing a brilliant flash of colour to any room in the house without taking up too much space. They can handle many sorts of light, but bright, indirect light is optimal for growth.

4. Asparagus Fern

The asparagus fern is actually a member of the lily (liliaceae) family, despite its name. Give this plant some breathing area on both sides if possible so that its leaves can fan out. On any shelf or table, it will provide a lovely burst of green.

5. Baby Toes

These adorable succulents are also succulents. Their name comes from their diminutive size and similarity to a baby’s toes. Due to their distinctive appearance, baby toes are excellent conversation starters.

6. Cast-Iron Plant

Cast-iron plants are tough, tolerant of a variety of light and soil conditions. If you’re prepared to give up a little floor space in exchange for a plant that’s practically indestructible, this is the plant to go for.

7. Chinese Money Plant

These adorable plants are noted for their lovely spherical leaves and the difficulty in obtaining them. Money plants are also known as missionary plants in China. This is because in the 1940s, Norwegian Missionary Agnar Espergen brought cuttings home with him and shared them with his family. This is how the plant eventually made its way around the globe.

8. Jade Plant

The broad, oval-shaped leaves of jade plants are the most well-known feature of the plant. When given the right care, jade plants can live for many years. Wipe off your plant’s leaves once in a while to prevent dust buildup and keep them looking great. This will keep the leaves lustrous and improve their ability to absorb light.

9. Spider Plant

Long, slender leaves protrude from the pots of these plants. Because of their dangling foliage, spider plants make fascinating hanging plants. Because of its distinctive foliage, the spider plant is also known as the “aeroplane plant” and the “ribbon plant.”

A shortage of room is an invitation to be creative and think of new ways to incorporate foliage into your home! To make the most of your vertical space, keep it basic with a few tiny potted plants or go creative with a wall garden. Other ways to incorporate small indoor plants into your little home include little DIY projects like modern plant terrariums and kokedama string gardens.

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